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Nehalem question:


Hm this seems like the best place to post this...

Anyway, I have been a member of TechPowerUp for a while and today I saw some news that disturbed me. Fudzilla claims that with Nehalem, there will be 3 types of sockets, 1160 (mainstream), 1366 (high-end), and a server socket.

My first question is this: Fudzilla claims overclocking will be disabled on the mainstream socket. I am an overclocker and I can't afford the high-end parts, in fact I would still be running my P4 machine I piecedupgraded fromsomething that origionally started with 512MB value ram, some generic board and a 2GHz celeron over the years if it wasn't for my Uncle who gave me a whole bunch of new parts when he upgraded his system. Will overclocking really be disabled on the 1160 platform?

My second question is if there will even be two desktop platforms (the 1160 and 1366). This would cause people a lot of money if they decide to upgrade to high end parts but oh, now I need a 1366 based board. = and frustration

(on TechPowerUp I am hat, I tried signingup with the same name but it was taken already)

This is the TechPowerUp thread I found this at:

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