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ParallelSort library was updated to version 2.5



ParallelSort library was updated to version 2.5..

I have completly changed the mergesort function and it's now working perfectly.

And parallel mergesort is now faster than parallel quicksort and parallel heapsort.

Parallel Sort Library that supports Parallel Quicksort, Parallel HeapSort and
Parallel MergeSort on Multicores systems. Parallel Sort Library 2.5 uses my
Thread Pool Engine and quicksort many array parts - of your array -  in parallel
using Quicksort or HeapSort or MergeSort and after that it finally merge them
- with the merge() procedure -

- Parallelizing the Sorts:
One way to parallelize the sorts is:
1- Divide the data among the processors
2- Sort the data on the individual processors.
3- Merge the various data

Note that the merge operation is a reduction operation !
In the previous parallelsort version i have parallelized only the sort part, but in this new parallelsort
version i have parallelized also the merge procedure part and it gives better performance.
You can download ParallelSort library version 2.5 from:

Thank you,
Amine Moulay Ramdane.
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