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Pentium4 HT better than Pentium D...?!


Hi all..

I'm doing my comp. sci. engg, and i'm a beginner in multi-core programming.. I've a volley of doubts and i hope u'll clear me..

I ran the serial code of my Genetic algorithm application in P4 HT 3.0Ghz processor and also in Pentium D 2.89GHz processor. The former took just .28 seconds while the latter took .36 secs... Why is it so? If not greater ,the performance in the dual core processor should have been atleast as good as P4.. What is the reason for this huge difference..?! plz.. anyone explain...

with regards,

Ashok "_"

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Posting your code might help us to explain why.

Reconstruct your test program such that your run times are significantly longer. Increase the major timming loop count by a factor of 100 such that your run times are on the order of 30 seconds. If you see slower run times on the dual core system then we will have to look at your code to assess why.

Jim Dempsey

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