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Problem when executing code compiled with -parallel flag


Hi everone,

Well, as the thread title indicates, I am having problems when executing code compiled using the -parallel flag.

There is no error during compilation.

The message I get in the terminal are:

Program Started.
OMP: Warning #2: Cannot open message catalog "":
OMP: System error #2: No such file or directory
OMP: Hint: Check NLSPATH environment variable, its value is "(null)".
OMP: Hint: Check LANG environment variable, its value is "fr_FR.UTF-8".
OMP: Info #3: Default messages will be used.

where the first line is from my code, so the code has actually started to execute.

I am using xubuntu9.10 and ifort 11.1.064

As you can guess, I am not an advance user... I have no idea where I can modify the NLSPATH variable, and to change it for what?

Any ideas? I will love to see my code be able to use the two cores of my cpu...

Thanks in advance,


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It seems this pertains to whether OpenMP threading library run-time error messages can be displayed, should the occasion arise. Possibly it doesn't know how to deal with French language settings. This doesn't prevent use of 2 cores.

As you must be using an Intel C++ or Fortran compiler, the question would be more topical on the related forum (C++ or linux Fortran).

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Ups, you are right, the code is actually running ok! I presumed that the execution had halted and did "ctrl + C".

Thanks for the hint!

All the best,


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