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Q6600 core temps and overclocking


Hi all:

I am new to overclocking, and after much reading and experimentation, I have managed to overclock my Q6600 Quad Core 2.4 MHz up to 3.6 Mhz with surprising stability, FSB has also been overclocked to 1600 (QDR) MHz. I am using a new NVidia nForce 680i SLIMB, and am using the NVidia Monitor and Control panel to do the adjusting and monitoring of speeds and temps. My main question is that according to the NVidia monitor, the overclocked CPU temp at idle is around 40-42 degrees Celsius, and at nearfull load around 58-59 degrees.Are these temperatures withinacceptable limits, and will I do any long term harm to the CPUat these settings and temperatures? I have researched the Intel web site, and according to their specs, the CPU type I have is able to handle a temp up to 71 degrees C, so I believe I am well within operating limits. When the CPU is set at its' normal operating speed of 2.4 MHz, the idle temp is around 33-35degrees C, and atnear full load is around 44 degrees C+/- 2degrees Cor so.At its' overclocked settings, the system temp is 33 degress C and the GPU is at 50 degrees C.I have Vista installed, and I have the following voltages set:

CPU 1.4500 volts

FSB 1.3000 V

The Corsair DDR2 memory is overclocked as well to 857 MHz, and the voltage to the 4MB of DDR2 memoryI have installed is 1.8500 volts.

I have also installed an aftermarket CPU fan, which seems to be able to keep the temperatures within these ranges without problems, and it is set at automatic settings, when I put it at 100% use, I am able to lower the temps down a few degrees, but I do not wish to keep the fan on 100% all the time for fear of it eventually burning out. Its' maximum operatingspeedis around 2860 RPM.

Thank you for any advice or suggestions you may have.


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It looks like you have a cooling problem. My Q6600, at slightly above 2.4GHz (variable 2.4 to 2.99) and system load of 40%, maintains 25 / 77 (C/F) with System at 29 / 84. CPU fan speed 1480 using Rosewill Z RCX-Z775-LX cooler. This cooler was purchased for under $20, a rather modest investment. Your potential problem areas

1) Room temperature to high (AC)
2) System box temp too high relative to room temp (insufficient case fans, or flowage, poor power supply cooling)
3) Thermal paste has void (remove cooler, clean contact areaand reapply)
4) Cooler not mating properly to processor (clip not connected, too heavy of cooler for board in vertical orientation)
5) Cooler fan not working or insufficient for the job. (Check fan RPM if info available. If fan a 3-wire fan you might be able to replace it with a 4-wire fan).

When I first installed this system I set the BIOS to signal alarm if fan did not spin up. Bad call as thermostatically controlled fan will not necessarily start up at power up. I thought my cooler had a deffective fan. The cooler I had, has a clip on fan. I went out to the local PC shop and cheap cooler with same size fan (with the 4 wire setup) and replaced the fan. Same alarm condition. Then it dawned on me (doh!) the thermostat was involved with fan speed and the BIOS was signalling fan speed error without consideration of thermostatically controlled fan. Turned off BIOS alarm and used diagnostic that came with motherboard to check fan speed and temperature - all OK.

Good luck in resolving your temperature issue.

Jim Dempsey

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Thanks, Jim.

rbreckwoldt: We recommend submitting questions about thermal issues to Intel Customer Support if you have any further concerns. This is outside the scope of what Intel Software Network normally supports (which is software application development). Please be aware, though, that overclocking is not supported and has the potential to void your warranty.


Lexi S.

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Hi all,
I will write something about my CPU and temperature. I have installed Q6600 Quad Core G0 2.4 MHz @ 3.05 Mhz 1.3V and Noctua NH-U12P air cooler. Temperture atnear full load is around 40 degrees C, the idle temp is around 30 degrees C - temperature in my room during checking is 23 degree C and with this aircooling is nearly quiet. You can see some screens from cpu-z and coretemp at GreenNet - profesjonalne rozwiazania informatyczne site. Question is how much can we overclock new Intel processors with aircoolers.Very low temperatures say us it is not the last word Intel said about new technology. Lets just wait for end of 2008 year - we will see what INtel give us with new platform.


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what if i want to overclocked my q6600,, 2.4 and increment to 3.6 how much volt i am going to?am i goingt to 1.4500 or 1.3700 i had a asus striker extreme II.. 790i sli....

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Hi, i am just about to build a pc for a friend , q6600 on a ga-ex48-ds4 motherboard, 4gb 800 6400c4dhx ddr2 ram, zotac 8800gt, 500gb hd, my friend has asked me to overclock cpu to 3ghz, i have read that i should be able to do this using just the stock cooler, my questionis ,

1, is this true or would i have to put an after market cooler eg.Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtremeto keep temps down ?

2, do i void the 3 year warranty if ionly use stock cooler? yes or no ? or are there special conditions, as you stated that overclocking is not supported and has the potential to void your warranty.

thank you very much for your help

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