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Reference Design Permission


I was directed to the developer forums by Intel support.

We are currently planning on building a reference design that will use an Intel processor.  This design will be part of the Altium Designer product installation and available publicly to our customer base.  I'm trying to locate the right individual at Intel to speak to about getting an NDA in place and discuss permission to use the processor in our reference design.  Below is a brief description:

We are Altium developers creating new reference designs to be supplied with our new Altium Designer 18 release. The main idea is smart IoT device with RF capabilities, so basically we want to design small x86-based motherboard, and Intel products like Atom E3900 and C3000 seem to be a perfect match. We would like to know if it's possible to use them in one of our public reference designs- of course without disclosure any NDA protected info like datasheets, guides, other docs etc.

Thank you ahead of time for your assistance.

Kind regards,

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