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Spawn-and-forget multitasking

I am developing my game engine and trying to find best-fit multitasking/multithreading model to feel the power of multicore processors. I've already implemented threads and multitasking(based on spawn-and-wait model). AlsoI heard about spawn-and-forget multitasking, but how does it work? And if someone can, please share implementation of such multitasking model. Searching in the Internet didn't give me anything, because there is not so much helpful information about it(may be I type wrong request in the "Find" field of searcher).
As I understand from name of multitasking model there is no synchronization like in spawn-and-wait multitasking model...
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Black Belt
In your game engine you may have features that are not necessarily synchronized with other activities. An example might be playing background music, or gauges. The background music may be I/O bound tasks and the gauges being non-priority tasks. When synchronization is not important (does not require tight coupling) you would use a spawn and forget. If a fuel gauge misses an update it is not critical to the game experience. A pop or gap in sound might not be as important to the player as missing or lag between control input and movement.

Jim Dempsey
Thank you, Jim! I've got the idea of this way to do such multitasking. "Running" through the Internet I found interesting information: Oles Shishkovtsov(CTO at 4A Games) said that they were using this(spawn-and-forget) multitasking way, and processing looks like a tree of tasks, and, yeah, task stealing also presented in the engine. I can't understand one thing: spawn-and-forget used across all the engine. How? Also they are not using any pre-/post-conditioning and sync events.
I feel like stupid, because of unable to understand what's going on, and what's wrong :D
Any ideas?

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