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The list of out-of-order CPUs



I would like to know the list of commercial products ( CPUs / SoCs ) made by Intel that support an out-of-order execution .

I noticed that the new Baytrail architecture apparently should support this kind of execution, but I have no information about other architectures, about Xeon, iCore, previous Atoms, Celerons and Pentiums; at this point I also have no specific information about the subsets of a given family, for example Baytrail is usually shifted into Baytrail-M and Baytrail-T and I can only speculate that this new out-of-order applies to both .

It would also be really nice if you can spend some time describing the support to this kind of memory models given by open source compilers such as gcc and clang .

Thanks .

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Black Belt

While Intel has a very large number of products, there are not that many different microarchitectures.   From a very quick look at, it appears that the only in-order processors after the Pentium have been the first-generation Atom and the Xeon Phi.

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