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Threading and Entertainment

I use my computer as my toy.

I play with it ... one of my usual games it the mess around with things and then fix my computer once I make a bad move.

I also like to push my computer. I don't want to break it but I always try to get the most out of it.

When I purchased my new mother board and found that it supported hyper-threading. I just had to by a processor that had hyperthreading.

now I am sitting with my cool computer and I want to know How I can see this baby work.

**Is there a list of programs and games that support hyper-threading?

**How can I make my XP system benifit MORE from this technology?

I have:
Ax4sg Series --A open motherboard
P4 prescott 3.0 ghz --processor
ATI radon 9000 --graphics
twelve years --computer knowlege
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