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I have a Hp laptop, intel core2 duo and running kubuntu linux, and have a C++ program thats taking 4+ hours, when i do
gcc ./program -o program

Am i right to assume that im not using both cores?
I have also downloaded the intel C 10.0 compiler,

Am i taking the right steps? I downloaded the intel64 version ( kubuntu is 64 bit for me ) and i ran the install script, it said it completed but when i went to /opt/intel all that was there was a lience folder, plus when i ran "icc program" = unknow command.
What did i do wrong?

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Black Belt
You could use the top command to check CPU usage.
I have no idea whether the efforts the compiler team has made to accommodate ubuntu would work for kubuntu. When you use distros which don't support normal installation methods, it's up to you to dig more deeply into such problems.
If you had succeeded in installing icc, you would need to run one of the iccvars scripts in your installation to set up PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
icc includes an auto-parallelization option, along with OpenMP, which also is supported by the current gcc release. You would likely need to read some documentation to make progress.

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Kubuntu or Ubuntu does not make a difference as far as I know for the Intel compiler...
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