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installing opencv so it will use openmp features on linux


Hello people

please help me to install opencv on my computer.

when I configure the softwear, before the make phase, what are the right arguments that ./configure should get? I use icc 9.1, but something like

./configure --with-openmp CXX=icc

wont work.

All I need to do is to run haar training using the softwear found in apps directory under opencv. maybe there is some other way to make the haartraining executables but I simply dont get what is the right way to do this...


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I'm not familiar with that application, but it would seem to be important for you to read documentation.
My guess is that CXX would refer to a C++ compiler, such as icpc. You would also need to run the iccvars script in your icc installation before running configure, so that icc and icpc environment variables would be set.
It seems likely that you would want to set appropriate options; for example, if your application uses CXXFLAGS, and you are running on an SSE2-capable CPU, you might set CXXFLAGS='-xW -openmp -ansi-alias' assuming your applications comply with C++ standard, and you want OpenMP and SSE2 optimization.
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