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why bin-hopping algorithm could improve cache performance?

why bin-hopping could improve cache performance?
bin-hopping is one of page allocation algorithms.successive pages of processor are placed to successive bins,it is possible to hop some bins.
i am confused about the principle of bin hopping.

i should make full use of locality and temporal of processor,but bin-hopping algorithm place pages to successive bins.the placed pages will be still suitable for locality principle ? as we know,each bin contains some sets,each set contain cache line.each cache line contain some pages.

if the pages of process are placed to different bins ,the locality of process is still good ?

i don't know how to understand "bin-hopping could improve performance "?

thank you for reading and your explanation.

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The only reference I found regarding bin hopping is If you've already read that, you may need to find a technical library to discover more.
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