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Intel Parallel Studio + Intel C++ Compiler Profesional Edition for Linux

I am developing an application that need to be scalable. I must take the most of all cores I have. I am deciding what to buy and I have a doubt. My application must run in windows and linux machine and I need to use TBB.

My platform to develop is going to be Visual Studio and I would like to use Parallel Studio to take the most of those tools that help me to find problems, but at the end, my application is going to run in Linux in which it run faster.

My question is...
Parallel Studion include Intel Compiler and TBB but I guess it is only for windows isnt it? So, I have to buy Intel C++ Compiler for Linux that include TBB as well isnt it?

Thanks a lot.
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In linux,I suppose you using the intel C++ Compiler,which including TBB.If you want to test your program,you can use the intel tools,such as Vtune,thread checker,thread profile,and these tools all have linux version.
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