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Intel NUC8i5BEH does not power up after firmware update


I was planning on moving the NUC an thought to do a bit of maintenance on it. I opened it up to remove some dust be realised that it would be a lot of work to remove all the dust, so after removing the SSD I placed everything back again.

I decided to update the BIOS from version 73 to the latest version, 83. I put the .bio file on a flash drive and updated it from 73 to 83, it updated successfully. Then I booted it up. It started loading Proxmox that was installed on the SSD. I hear the CPU fan spin up and after 2 seconds I hear a click and the device is dead. No light from the power button. I used my multimeter to check the power adapter and that seems to work fine delivering 19V. I tried to boot it without RAM or SSD installed, but nothing works.

Any ideas? How could it have bricked itself after a bios update?

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