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Latest graphics driver via windows update breaks my NUC HDMI.

Good day everyone.

I own four NUC7i5BNH. Last night Windows 10 decided to do an update on all four NUC's which included the latest graphics drivers ( From that point all my NUC's had no video output on the HDMI port.

When I power up they showed the NUC splash screen and about 3 seconds of the windows loading icon and then the screen goes black. They still seemed to boot fine because I could see them online via Teamviewer but just no display.

When booting into safe mode the NUC work perfectly. Had to use DDU to uninstall all graphics driver and force install the original graphics driver ( They all work fine now.

The fact that all four of my NUC's did the same thing means this is not an isolated incident and many others will have this issue. I hope this post helps.

I have now set all my networks to metered connections to avoid windows updating the driver in the future. This does not seem like a concrete solution though. Does anyone know how to stop Windows updating this driver?

Kind regards.


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One of many pages on how to stop Windows Update from installing driver updates:

If you have Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise or Education you can use the group policy editor. Otherwise follow the instructions to modify the registry.