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Monitor signal lost


I have a intel haydes canyoun (G8809). My issue is that when I use 2 monitirs sometimes. A primary screen connected with display-port and a secondary connected with usb-c. Now when i start the NUC with both sceens on, none of then will get any signal and go into power saving mode. Same will happen if I am away frem the computer and it goes into sleep mode and when i get back and touch the mouse, none of the screens will get a signal. So I have to restart the computer from the power-button many times. Sametimes when I start the computer, everything works, but most of the time it dosen't, i have to only turn on one screen and when i am in windows i can turn on the other. This is really annoying, should not be this way and with all the display ports on the nuc you think this should be smooth sailing, but not for me, hope someone have a solution for this.

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Hi @RasmusBC 

The recommended configuration for two displays for Hades Canyon is: 

Both displays connected to HDMI ports


Both displays connected to Mini DP ports


Both displays connected to USB C ports




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