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NUC10i3FNK HDMI issues


I'm having a rather weird issue with two NUCs. What makes it weird is that two weeks ago I had two of the same model but without issues. 

Problem: as soon as the display driver is installed, the screen starts to flicker. Mostly black screen, with an occasional display of picture.

What I've tried:
- Let Windows 10 install all drivers through Windows Update.
- Manually install all the newest drivers first and the display driver as last (9168 and 9316).
- Try NVMe and SATA SSD. Try 2133, 2400 and 2666 RAM.
- No display issues in Manjaro Linux.

I find it hard to believe that both NUCs would arrive DOA but obviously not impossible. I'm using BIOS 47. Anything more that I could try?

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I forgot to add one more thing that I've tried.
I also tested with an HDMI to VGA adapter and while there's less black screen flicker, it's still happening. 


So problem solved.
The issue was an old HDMI firmware on my devices (manufacturing date april 2020 but bought last week).
Both my NUCs were delivered with firmware v1.77. Update v1.78.2 solved the problem.

This article describes a couple issues. Mine was this one:
- Flickering display when using an HDMI-to-DVI adapter.

It's beyond disappointing how something like this can pass QC. I've had over 1000 computers connected to this monitor and these are the first devices that fail such a rudimentary function. To add insult to injury, the firmware update can only be executed in Windows with a HDMI monitor connected.


Hello Milli,

We are glad to know you found a solution, thank you for taking the time to share this fix, and hopefully, it may help other community members experiencing similar behavior. Since the thread is now solved, we will proceed to close it.

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