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Trouble Installing Windows 10


I bought an Intel Nuc to use as a HTPC.  Specifically, it is a NUC8i5BEH model.  I installed my 8GB memory stick and 120GB Sandisk Extreme SSD.  I'm installing Windows via an optical drive.  When I turn it on it boots to the message "A bootable device has not been detected."  My memory stick, SSD and optical drive all show up in the BIOS, so I don't understand why it's not finding them.  Is there a solution to this?  Thanks for any help.

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1. I suggest you to install Windows using the following method:
2. Please prepare your installation media (you need 8GB – 32GB USB stick), using Microsoft Media Creation Tool. This will install latest version 20H2. Do not use the optical drive.
3. Your bios should be set to default settings. Enter bios (press F2 during boot) and then press F9 (Y) to set defaults and F10 (Y) to save settings and exit.
4. With the installation media inserted into rear USB slot, power ON your NUC and repeatably press F10 to get Boot Menu.
5. In this menu, choose UEFI option of you Installation media.
6. Follow this tutorial to continue with installation.
7. In para. 9 you may enter Product Key from the Microsoft Distribution you bought.
8. Skip on para. 14 and continue in para. 15. Important, do not format drive where you want to install Windows, rather delete all existing partitions from this drive, till you see one unallocated space.
9. Press Next and continue with the installation.


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Often, if you receive optical media, this media is for the installation of an earlier version of Windows 10. Using the optical media to install Windows 10 will leave you with many updates and upgrades to install before you get current. Using the process that Leon has laid out will build installation media for the very latest version of Windows 10. This will save you lots of time - and lots of disk space too! (the result of the installation of the many outstanding upgrades and updates).

Hope this helps,