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nuc7i5BNH wake up issues

Hi everyone! Please move this post into the right forum if it's in the wrong one. I have some questions regarding all known problem with waking up the nuc from suspended mode. I've read all the faqs and all the threads regarding this problem, but none of the provided solutions fixed my existing problem. Briefly to the issue: I've got as a gift an older NUC7i5BNH and installed there at first a hypervisor to have a virtual machine with desktop environment to watch movies/series and so on. This vm was connected to my TV. Also i had ability to install some other virtual machines which were running in the background and did their stuff like filtering the network traffic, blocking ads for the whole home network and stuff like that. It was running like for 24/7/365... To get rid of that kind of unnecessary power consumption, I found out that nuc can be suspended after I put my TV into standby, and can also wake it up after I turn my TV on, which is a nice feature to reach the goal. To put hypervisor into suspended mode does not make any sense, so I removed hypervisor and installed debian with DE on it. I could suspend the nuc and wake it up, until i upgraded the bios to the latest version (0089), since then this feature didn't work anymore. I can suspend the nuc, but it cannot be waked up, neither via WoL nor via button, nor via usb, i see the power lights are going on though, but the OS itself is unresponsive. Neither TV is showing something ( just only no signal message) nor network card is reachable per ping. Some minutes later nuc restarts itself and goes into the boot loop, where i have to unplug the power cord and put it back to get it working again. Before the upgrade i was using bios version of 0068 or 0072 don't remember exactly, but the version of integrated graphics driver is the same in both of them. Integrated Graphics (taken from release notes) .)Option ROM: Build 1000 PC 10.46 .)UEFI Driver: 9.0.1066 After upgrade to 0089 it is: (taken from release notes) Integrated Graphics: .)Option ROM: Build 1000 PC 10.46 And there is no UEFI Driver this time Also i see that between version 0076 and 0083 driver for Integrated Graphics was updated to: Integrated Graphics: .)Option ROM: Build 1059 PC 14.34 .)UEFI Driver: 9.0.1084 and after 0083 it was reverted to the older version of 0072 but without UEFI Driver Integrated Graphics: .)Option ROM: Build 1000 PC 10.46 .)UEFI Driver: NA 1.) I can downgrade the bios version to 0076 (even if the release notes are telling that's not possible). Do i need to go each update one by one to the latest version to get it working again, or was it enough just to jump from, in my case it was either 0068 or 0072 to 0089? 2.) If the first question is not a solution, how can i get back this feature to be able to suspend/wake up the nuc? Also to mention i am using the same hw configuration as with an old bios version, where i had the ability to suspend/wake up the nuc. I hope i was clear with description to my problem. Cheers
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