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After activating optane in each startup automatically open Excel and Word.


I installed and activated Optane a couple of days ago and now the computer starts very fast! but also, when starting, it automatically opens blank Excel and Word files (several at the same time!)

Does anyone know why this happens or how to solve it?

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Hello arturm,



Thank you for contacting Intel Technical Support.



The issue you are reporting is related to an operating system (OS) configuration issue and not to the Intel® Optane™ Memory hardware and our recommendation is to check the startup programs using "Task Manager" and to disable the ones that you do not need at the beginning, besides this you can check the following steps:



1. Press windows key + r


2. Copy the run command Shell:common startup


3. It will reach C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup


4. Delete the shortcut of the programs that you do not want to run in the startup.



We hope you find this information helpful.



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Josh B.


Intel Customer Support Technician


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Hello arturm,



Thank you for having contacted Intel Technical Support.



We have not heard from you since our last communication and we would like to know if you need further assistance or if we can close this case?



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