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Enable Optane Grayed out, tried everything


Hi Support

I have purchased a 32Gb Optane M.2 memory module, but have had a drama getting it setup.

My main drive is an NVMe, I also have two independent SATA SSDs, but what I want to use my Optane drive for is a pair of 2Tb hard drives in Raid 1.

I have reinstalled Windows, having converted to GPT, installed RST, disabled CSM, turned off all legacy BIOS features, so everything is UEFI now. I have remapped the M.2 port to RST in the Bios, and the module shows up under RST in the BIOS/UEFI, and even shows as an SSD in the RST user interface, but under the "intel Optane Memory" tab in RST, it states "your system appears to be intel optane memory ready but no intel optane memory modules were detected in your computer. Please install a compatible module", yet it clearly shows (see attached).

I have used diskpart to ensure its set as GPT and done a "clean all".

Have totally run out of ideas! Suggestions welcome


UPDATE: As a follow up, after some more experimenting, its become clear that if I delete the Raid 1 array, the enable option becomes available, I can then enable Optane on a single drive, but not a Raid 1 array? I have created the accelerated drive with one drive, but there is no way to add the second in as a partner to the first (Raid 1). Could this be a bug?

i7 8700k

ASRock Z370 Gaming i6

32Gb Ram

512Gb NVMe



2x 2Tb HDDs in Raid 1

32Gb Optane Module

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Community Manager

Hi MrSprint,



Thank you for posting in the Intel® community.



If I understood you well, you were able to setup and install the Intel® Optane™ Memory in your computer successfully and now it's working with one of your HDD, however you cannot set it up with the RAID 1 array, right?



If that's the case, then everything is working fine however there is a confusion regarding to the use of the Intel® Optane™ Memory that I will be more than glad to clarify.



The Intel® Optane™ Memory is designed to accelerate SATA drives, nevertheless it can only accelerate single drives which means RAID arrays are not supported. That's the reason why you cannot setup the module with the RAID array. This is not a bug, it is just the way the module is supposed to work and be used.



I hope I have clarified your doubt regarding the Intel® Optane™ Memory and the RAID array. If there is anything else I can help you with, please don't hesitate to ask.



Have a nice day.





Diego V.
Community Manager

Hi MrSprint,



I'd like to know if there is anything else I can help you with, or if the information above clarified your concern.



Have a nice day.





Diego V.