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Error enabling intel optane memory. Error code: 0xA008002D


Hi, i have acer nitro an515-52 laptop. Recently i reset my laptop. Before that the optane memory was fully working and has given a good performance. But after reseting my laptop it is not shiwing in IRST. And when i try to install it ,it says error enabling i tel optane memory. Unsupported system bios or bios is set in legacy mode. Error code 0xa008002d. But it was running on the same bios version before ie. V1.19.

Please help me with this.​

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  1. Please read the description for Ox008002D error Code
  2. The other reason can be that you you didn't disabled The Intel Optane Memory before reset your laptop. So, the enablement is written in the Intel Optane Memory module. If you didn't disable Optane memory you can do this from Bios. I don't know how your Bios looks, so, I can't instruct you. For example, in my computer it can be done from Advanced > Devices > Add_inn Configuration > Intel Rapid Storage Technology - click on Configure, click on Optane Volume and disable enablement.
  3. Instead of using Bios, you may want to wipe the contents of Optane Module from command Prompt.