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Intel Optane H10 (1TB + 32GB) memory portion not recognized in windows & BIOS

Hey there

So I have just finished my (first) gaming/development computer and one of the difficulties that I am having is that my intel H10 drive is not recognized at all in the BIOS of my motherboard and only the storage portion is recornized by Windows and the Intel Optane storage tool.

I don't know how to solve the problem, I followed the instructions, I even did the complicated way where you inject the Intel drivers into a windows installation file. I included a screen shot of what I see in the Intel Optane storage tool, if I hover over the 'Disk Unavailable' box, everything is unknown. I also included a TXT file extract of the Intel SSU tool.

Thank you for helping me out -Yen

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Hi @yenaarts 

Just in case that you don't have it, I'm sending a link to User Installation Guide for Optane H Series Drive.

Pay attention that the SATA mode in BIOS should be set to "Intel RST Premium...." and the Remapping disabled (for the port with Optane H Drive).

You should ask vendor of your board if this board supports Optane H Series Drives (board which supports M Series Optane, doesn't necessary supports H Series Optane). Please read Troubleshoot Detection Issues with the Intel® Optane™ Memory H Series