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Intel Optane, Memory Pinning. Unable to load dll "iaStorAfsServiceApi.dll


I wasnt having any issues, until 7-17-2019 when I updated to the latest Version of WIN10 From the Windows update. After the Update, I started having this issue. I contacted DELL, and Microsoft. They State there is something wrong with the Intel Driver.


I Rolled WIN 10 back to before the Update on 7-17-2019. Still have this Same Issue.


The Specified Module could not be found Exception from HRSULT: 0x8007007 Windows Explorer.


HELP. My Laptop Just started this Today.


Everytime I click on Object in Window Explorer, I keep getting this Message.


More Info,


I went to APPs and Uninstalled the RST Software.


When to Dell/Support, Support Detected my Laptop.

The Utility Downloaded the RST Drivers.


During the Install Process, I get an Install Error. Thus I never get the RST Drivers Installed.


So Im running my System without a RST Driver and having the Same Issue. 😡



New Update.


Dell Support got back to me on Friday 7-19-2019. Spent about 4 Hrs trying to resolve this issue. Still no go.


This is one of those issues where, its Microsoft, or No its Intel, Or no its Dell etc.


Between me and Dell, we think its between Microsoft's Update not handling the OPTANE Memory correctly .


So Dell was working on the System, on Line, and then suddenly, My New ( 3 month old ) Precision 730 Laptop, Gave up, and Decided to have Screen Errors. Then once it rebooted, then I couldn't log in with my Normal Password. Good Thing I backed up my Data the night before. So now it became a Hardware along with the software Issue.


So Dell decided to have me Send in the Laptop so they could look at the Graphics card and to see if they can resolve the OPTANE Memory issue with the latest MS WIN10 Update.


Once they work with it and find out where the problem is, I know they'll get it resolved. So Ill loose my Computer for about 3 or 4 Days.


But don't you just hate being the Test Computer to figure out whats going on??.


Fortunately, I still had my WIN7 System up and running, I just had to update the Data to continue my Job.


Thanks Glenn






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Im having the same trouble with a Dell G3 notebook i just bougth today and my device doesnt even have an optane memory.

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Same Problem.

Received repaired Dell XPS 13 from Dell two days ago with new SSD. Windows loaded and fully up to date. Dell Support assistant (latest) run and all drivers upto date.

Hopefully this will be corrected eventually with an update.

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