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Intel Optane Support Asus ROG STRIX 270i gaming

hello all

i am having an issue with getting my Optane drive to enable within my current raid configuration on using this board. Asus explained how to make this possible under raid but after following alll the instructions Optane will not enable.

Device a manger does see the Optane drive

RST does see the 16 GB drive is connected

in the bios: RST has been enabled for the M.2 drive which is under the systemboard

i have a regular NVM Samsung drive in the upper M.2 slot which I have disabled for RST

My 2 intel Sata Drives are in Raid 0

i have tried everything. I still have the Optane option greyed out.

please help if you can.

asus claims that Optane can work under raid on this systemboard.

I am am able to get Optane to work without raid. But I want it to work in raid so I can get bigger drive space.

thank in advance

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Community Manager

Hello FeelTheVoid,



We understand you would like to get the Intel® Optane™ Memory installed in your RAID 0 SATA drives, but the option to enable it shows as grayed out.



We would like to let you know that Intel® Optane™ Memory Technology cannot accelerate a RAID configuration, you can confirm that in this link. When the Intel® Optane™ Memory is enabled it will convert the SATA drive as a RAID configuration, it will be important to learn how is Asus* supporting this configuration.



If you can contact them and ask them how to do it, you can then please let us know to review it.





Nestor C
Community Manager

Hello FeelTheVoid,



We'd like to know if you read our previous post and if you have any further question. We'll be waiting for your response.





Nestor C