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Optane cache support on x270


Hi, I am currently using thinkpad x270 with pcie-ssd preinstalled, I am wondering if the 32GB version of optane cache memory can be used in my system, as there is a free m.2 2242 slot with pcie support. I am curious that although the support of SATA ssd is mentioned and confirmed in the documents, but the pcie ssd support is not mentioned. I want to know if the optane could or couldn't work with pcie nvme ssd. I can go with "not much performence boost but work", but if it's proved to be incompatible with pcie ssd, that would be sad.

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Hello AaronZY,

We understand you would like to know if your system is compatible with Intel® Optane™ Technology. After checking your computer's specs, we need to let you know that the system is not compatible with this technology.

Your system uses a 6th generation processor and for Intel® Optane™ Technology the system needs to have a 7th generation processor.

Here are some useful links for you to take a look at the requirements:

- Intel® Optane™ Memory—Revolutionary Memory - Scroll down for requirements

- Intel® Optane™ Memory FAQ

- Intel® Optane™ Technology

Please let us know if you require further information.


Nestor C

Community Manager

Hi AaronZY,



We'd like to know if you require further assistance about this thread. We'll be waiting for your response.





Nestor C