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Optane memory not showing on iRTS


I have installed a intel optane memory 16 gb on a gigabyte B250M-DS3H

I have updated the bios to the latest version F6 which supports intel optane memory

I have switched to intel rapid storage with optane acceleration mode and turned the boot to UEFI mood

I have switched the OS drive from MBR to GPT format

Then I installed the IRST Driver ( and after installing it the status bar did not show any 'intel optane memory option'

In the BIOS menu under IRST option intel optane is in the non raid option

But it is not showing in the NVMe configuration menu

what should I do ??

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Community Manager

Hello Kingsuk50,



We understand that the installation of the Intel® RST is not showing you any option to enable Intel® Optane™.



We would like to review everything with you, so please share and confirm the following:



-Is the M.2 port in your motherboard mapped to be working as PCIe?


-Can you please uninstall Intel® RST and try to install SetupOptaneMemory.exe?


-If possible, please attach screenshots of disk management.


-Once SetupOptaneMemory.exe is installed, please go to: C:\Users\yourusername\Intel\Logs, and attach the logs here. (Please use the advanced edit button when attaching the files)



We will be waiting for your response.





Nestor C



I have uninstalled iRST and installed setupoptanememory.exe

at first it is showing that 1) Unsupported BIOS

2) Unsupported System Drive

Then I went to BIOS and changed to AHCI mode

then it worked perfectly

I am able to enable optane memory

And now my system's performance is really fast

Community Manager

Hello Kingsuk50,



Thanks for replying back with the solution of your situation.


We are glad to see that you were able to confirm the errors and also fix them by following the correct instructions.



Please let us know if there is any further assistance needed.





Nestor C