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What now My optane memory is not working anymore.


At first for some weeks I had to whipe the memory and reinstal

today it happend again but got after wiping following error code 0xA0070012 this code was not metiond on the Intel code list so i tried again to reinstall but from that point on for over 10 trys I get error code 0xA007000D

the purchase was dec -20-2018

I guess ihas to replaced under warranty

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This is from forum member @LWAKSMAN​ 


1. I've updated my computer with Intel Memory and Storage Management Application, downloaded from Microsoft Store. Although it wasn't necessary yet, I decided to do this for learning purpose. This new application works, however, sometime, the boot time is longer. Here are the steps for this installation:

2. Disable Optane Acceleration and uninstall the current installed Optane software.

3. Download the Intel RST   and extract the

4. Follow the instruction in paragraph. 3.1 in Intel Optane Installation Guide to update Intel Windows RST driver.

5. Download from Microsoft Store the Intel Memory and Storage Management Application.

6. Enable Optane Acceleration (continue per para.3.1 of Intel Optane Installation Guide).




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