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only 7gb out of 32gb Optane memory usable. how to fix?


I recently purchased and installed Intel Optane M10.

It does accelerate boot time and application responsiveness however, I cannot pin any applications because in the application it shows that the memory usage is full (only 7gb total)

how do I fix this?

I have an optane M10 with 32gb capacity installed.

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  1. You have probably pinned some folders and/or applications?
  2. To provide the best possible user experience, a portion of the module is specifically reserved for the most accessed content/system files and user pinned content. It uses the logic of the Intel Rapid Storage Technology (Intel RST) driver. This is the capacity shown in the “Module Usage” graph and table. The rest of the module’s capacity is used in the background by the Intel RST driver to store OS frequently accessed data for accelerating system performance and improving applications’ responsiveness. Since this portion of the module’s capacity is used for this purpose, it is not shown in the “Module Usage” graph and table.




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