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Intel SSD Toolbox Optimiser not working for 800GB Intel SSD 750 series drive in windows 10



For all versions of the SSD Toolbox since 3.5.10 I have got an error whenever I run the optimiser within the toolbox:

Error: The Intel SSD Optimizer encountered an error (10/106). Reboot and try again.

I did not have the error with earlier versions of the toolbox.

I have attached the Intel logs generated afyer trying to run the optimiser after installing latest version of the SSD Toolkit v 3.5.15

I have also attached my system information

This issue has been consistently present since April for me so really hope you can tell me how to fix it or address it in the next version of the SSD toolbox


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Hello, @HTB-UK.


Thank you for contacting Intel Community Support.


We received your ticket regarding the Optimizer error, I will be glad to assist you.


For this particular error it is currently recommended to perform the optimization using the option embedded in the operating system as a work around since we continue working on it.


You will find more details and steps in the following article:

- Error While Trying to Run the Intel® SSD Optimizer:


It is also recommended that you migrate to the Intel® Memory and Storage Tool (GUI) as Toolbox is soon to be discontinued and lo longer available:

- Download:


If you have any questions or would like to add anything else, I will follow up on your thread on December 22nd or we can schedule a different date to follow up if additional time is required.


Best regards,


Bruce C.

Intel Customer Support Technician


Hello, @HTB-UK.


Greetings from; Intel® Memory and Storage support.


We were reviewing your community thread, which is related to the Optimizer error. We would like to know if you were able to check our previous post.


We will follow up with you again next Thursday, the 24th of December 2020, if we do not receive an answer from you. Please let me know if you would like to schedule a different date for the follow-up.


Best regards,


Josh B.

Intel® Customer Support Technician


Hello, @HTB-UK.


I wanted to follow up on your thread to check if our assistance is still required.


I previously shared that it is necessary to use the Defragment and Optimize drives program in Windows 10 as a workaround while we continue working on the optimizer feature embedded in our tools.


The thread will be closed right now since there has been no confirmation about further assistance being required, so please open a new thread if you still require assistance as this thread will no longer be monitored, or contact us via one of the other support methods (


Best regards,


Bruce C.

Intel Customer Support Technician