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PCI-E NVME - question about benchmark tools for performance


Dear Intel Community,

I don't have Intel SSD but I have question about benchmark tools. I want to check performance of my disk (it is not Intel SSD disk) and I want to do this safe for my system and disk.

I heard about IOMETER. This is software by Intel (this is written on the wikipedia) but I can't find it files on your intel website. Why this have other website? You don't have files for this program on your website?

How Intel test their disk and what program is needed?

I want to check Sequential Read/Write for my disk NVME.

For HDD I used Crystal Disk Mark but I don't know if it safe for SSD. On their website is written that this program can reduce lifetime of the disk.

What is the best program to test sequential read/write?

I can also test random 4K Read/Write but it is not necessary.

Can you help me? If it is possible and will be safe for my disk (i don't have Intel SSD) I would like to use Intel program.

Yours faithfully,

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Hello Piotr,


Thank you for contacting Intel® Memory and Storage support.


As we understand, you need assistance with your 3rd party SSD benchmark. If we infer correctly, we will appreciate it if you can review the following information:


1- We advise you to contact your SSD manufacturer to get the appropriate tool and instructions on how to run a benchmark on your storage device.


2- As mentioned on :


“Intel® has discontinued working on Iometer, and it was given to the Open Source Development Lab (OSDL). In November 2001, a project was registered at and an initial drop was provided. Since the relaunch in February 2003, the project is driven by an international group of individuals who are continuously improving, porting, and extend the product. The tool (Iometer and Dynamo executable) is distributed under the terms of the Intel Open Source License. The iomtr_kstat kernel module, as well as other future independent components, are distributed under the terms of the GNU Public License.”


If you have doubts or need help regarding Iometer*, we recommend you contact their community support.


We will not close this thread, and you can still post and share your findings with the community. If you need assistance related to another Intel® product, please do not hesitate to contact us back by opening a new thread, and please submit a new question. This thread would no longer be going to be monitored by the Intel® technical support.


We hope fellow community members have the knowledge to jump in and help.


Best regards,


Josh B.

Intel® Customer Support Technician.

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Thank you for your answer.

I contacted with my manufacturer and they told me that offical they can't recommend any software but in internal test they use Atto Disk Benchmark and they unofficialy recommended it but I don't know what is this software. I didn't use it. I used only Crystal Disk Mark. I also can't compare any result to Atto Disk Benchmark because this is not popular software. So I don't know what to do. You will be do not test on my place? I almost decided try Crystal Disk Mark in 6.0.0 version but I am afraid about SSD lifespan. This can shorten life of the disk? Maybe IOMETER is better? What do you think.

I am little angry that anyone of manufacturer have not official software to test performance.

Can you help? Maybe Windows 10 have built-in software ? It can be in terminal (named CMD) but I didn't hear about this software so I suppose that this is not exist.

Yours faithfully,

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