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SSD Firmware Update Tool: Bootable USB



I'd like to update firmware of my SSD but the iso image downloaded from Download Intel® SSD Firmware Update Tool is not bootable. I'm runnning Ubuntu 17.04, I tried to create the bootable drive using dd command, usb-creator and unetbootin utility as well as several USB drives; none of it worked.

The Legacy support in my bios is enabled. If I force booting from the usb drive an error message "No operating system" is shown.

Any idea how to create the bootable drive or how to update the firmware using linux?

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[EDIT] My mistake, the ISO is bootable, I missed the CSM settings of my BIOS/EFI to unlock Legacy boot options


I tried to burn the issdfut_2.2.1.iso with Rufus, and the "Universal USB Installer" of the user guide on Windows.

No boot

I also tried from Linux with Unetbootin and gnome-image-writer. No more sucess.

The iso is probably broken to boot.

Please, Intel, repost a clean installer, I'm stuck with my production laptop with ext4 corrupted regularly by the 600p SSD.


Hello safix,



There are many methods and tools to create a bootable USB media from an ISO in Linux. The dd commands should work, we can also recommend UNetbootin* or the " Startup Disk Creator*" tool that should be preinstalled in Ubuntu* by default.



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Please let us know if one of these tools helps.



Best regards,


Carlos A.
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