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Intel Releases Open Source AI Reference Kits


Intel has released the first set of open source AI reference kits specifically designed to make AI more accessible to organizations in on-prem, cloud and edge environments.  Intel’s AI reference kits, built in collaboration with Accenture, are designed to accelerate the adoption of AI across industries. They are open source, pre-built AI with meaningful enterprise contexts for both greenfield AI introduction and strategic changes to existing AI solutions.


Following kits are available for download :

  1. Utility asset health
  2. Visual quality control
  3. Customer chatbot
  4. Intelligent document indexing

Developers are looking to infuse AI into their solutions and the reference kits contribute to that goal. These kits build on and complement Intel’s AI software portfolio of end-to-end tools and framework optimizations. Built on the foundation of the oneAPI open, standards-based, heterogeneous programming model, which delivers performance across multiple types of architectures, these tools help data scientists train models faster and at lower cost by overcoming the limitations of proprietary environments


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