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Add ROM in Platform Designer and read from ROM with C code and Nios II Processor

I have gone through the Using Triple-Speed Ethernet on DE2-115 Boards tutorial successfully. The tutorial uses a C program with the Nios II processor to send user input data over UART to the FPGA. When the FPGA recieves that data it broadcasts it over Ethernet. 


I would now like to send data from a ROM block instead of data received over UART. I am trying to add the ROM block in Platform Designer and I am having trouble with connections.


I am unsure if my issue is the connections in Platform Designer or the way I am trying to read from the ROM in the C program. I have attached the original Platform designer and modified Platform Designer as well as the original C code and my modified C code and the tutorial instructions. 


My additions to the modified C code begin on line 135.


Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

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I am trying to implement triple speed ethernet in Cyclone 10 FPGA. I have integrated triple speed ethernet core in platform designer in qsys. If i pump data and do loop back in system side of MAC, its working fine. I am able to monitor Start of packet, data valid, data, End of packet properly in signal tap. Now my aim is that i try to capture the streaming data in system side of MAC directly in Nios side memory. For this i am using Modular Scatter gather DMA. For receive data i am using one MSGDMA in streaming to memory mode and one for transmit data i am using one MSGDMA in  memory to streaming mode. I try to capture data in descriptor memory in onchip ram. But i am not getting any data.

I have doubt about my connections of MSGDMA in Qsys.There are no any specific examples detailing how to use MSGDMA with TSE. Some people have done it with SGDMA . I am using quartus 18.1. So how to go about it. How to capture data in onchip RAM.


Kindly guide



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Hi @jlanier 

Thank you for your patients, and hope you are doing well.
Regarding the question that you have on sending data from ROM block instead fo UART, i believe that is possible, here are a section in the triple speed ethernet user guide that you can refer to: (section 10. Software Programming Interface)

Also there are other sample design for cyclone device family:

Warms Regards

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