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Apparent Broken Link for Downloading FPGA Monitor Program for Quartus Versions 16.1 and Above


I filled out a web form to let Intel know about problems with their website, and I got a response saying that instead of filling out the website issues form, I instead need to post a question on this forum, and was given the link to this forum. So I have posted the details from that submission here.


I use the DE1-SoC board in a laboratory I teach, and recently the FPGA Monitor Program I had used in prior semesters was removed. When I tried to reinstall the program with the link: , I get an error message. The error message varies a bit based on the browser I use, but the best I can get is a 0 kB download.


I appear to be able to download the Monitor Program that works with Quartus 16.0 and below, but I believe Intel documentation states that the DE1-SoC only works with Quartus 16.1 and above (we have Quartus 16.1 installed on all of our lab computers currently). I had my students try installing the Monitor Program for version 16.0 just in case, but while it installed, it did not operate correctly.


I presume that this might be a broken link, and I was hoping the website team could help by fixing it, so I can get the right software installed for my students.


Thanks for all of the help.

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FPGA monitor program web page is not working as expected, let me check internally with team.

Now in this case, please find the attachment for FPGA Monitor Program for Quartus Versions 16.1 & let me know how it works for you.




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