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Arria 10 Power Monitor GUI not responding on Ubuntu 16.04

New Contributor I

Hello! I'm trying to use the Power Monitor of the Board Test System to do measurement to my Arria 10 GX FPGA. The problem is when I launch the script, it just got stuck and all the buttons on the GUI is not clickable. Usually it has 5% time that works while the other time doesn't work. The terminal doesn't show any error messages.


Any hints? Thanks in advance!

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After you reported the query, I have tested the Power Monitor.exe which is there in the below Installation path 

\\Working_directory \arria10GX_10ax115sf45_fpga_v15.1.2\examples\board_test_system 


And it is able to run the program. The OS is Windows. For the Linux environment, I have limited access to Ubuntu. But when I check from our internal data base could not able to see any bug reported for the Power The only thing you have to make sure here is the OS should be 64 bit.


So, requesting to check the OS and any other process is blocking the program. And as a recommendation, kindly run on root prompt.


Hope it helps.




New Contributor I

Hi YL, Thanks for the reply! I rerun the script with root but still have the same problem. The OS I'm using is indeed 64 bit. I also tried to reinstall Java but the problem still exists. Strangely, I don't have the same problem using BTS or the clock controller.


Could you try to figure out why is that?