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Can generate POF file with OpenCore eval license

Hi. I try use in my design the SDI II core. I dont have license for it. I want compile my project and test SDI with JTAG connection. I use Arria 10 device and Quartus Prime Pro 17.1. I sucessed fit the design in the device, but when I try generate POF file I get warning: 


Can't generate programming files for your current project because you do not have a valid license for the following IP core or cores. 

Unlicensed IP: "SDI II Video Interface (6AF7 0111)" 


I enable Intel FPGA IP Evaluation Mode, but it doesnt help. 

Why I cant geneate a fimware?
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I enable Intel FPGA IP Evaluation Mode, but it doesn't help. 

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By default, it is enabled. 

I am able to replicate the issue faced by you with Quartus Prime Pro 17.1. & I got same warning & because of this, I couldn`t get the .sof file. 

But I could able to generate the .pof file with Quartus Prime standard 17.1. 

It seems to be a bug. 


Best Regards 

Vikas Jathar  

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