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Can't link device to design in System Console

Hi All, 


I am building a video system in qsys. And I use Avalon-ST Video Monitor and Trace System to debug. I am following the steps in VIP user guide to operate the trace system from system console. I turn on the Auto Usercode under Device Assignment>Device and Pin Options>General Category. Whenever I right click the device folder to link it to the design, I get an error message as: 



Jan 18, 2017 5:25:09 PM com.altera.debug.core 

SEVERE: Device /devices/5CSE(BA5|MA5)|5CSTFD5D5|..@2#USB-1#DE-SoC does not match design video_cap_top.sof (Device has design hash 6434755313859489559D but design has hash 9166EF83790C3CEED490, Device has different visible SLD agents, Device has usercode 0293AA59 but design has usercode FFFFFFFF) 



Truly appreciate any idea on how to fix it. 



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I am seeing a similar problem... I have a very simple project with a JTAG_avalon master block providing the gateway to my Avalon-MM register system. This compiles in Quartus fine, programmed to the Arria 10 SoC dev board okay (no errors). However System Console will not link the programmed device to the design! I get "Device XYZ..@1#USB-1 does not match design ABC.sof (Device has different visible SLD agents). I have no idea what the problem is from this error message, and the only thing Google could find on the whole internet that seems similar to this problem is the unanswered post above! 


Any hints or guesses are appreciated... educated hunches too! 


Thank you, 


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Hello everyone, 


I had the same problem. I am creating a simple project storing 32 bits data from a counter in the SDRAM with QSys. My problem was the same as Valdis' : it compiled (with warnings but no error), I programmed my Cyclone V Soc dev board. But in the System Consolen I had the error : 

Can't link device to design... (device has different visible sld agents, device has usercode 00A2F15E but design has usercode FFFFFFFF) 


To solve this problem, I added a System ID Peripheral in my QSys Design, and in its parameters, I wrote in the 32 bits System ID field the ID of my device (00A2F15E). I compiled again and programmed the board with my new sof file, I executed again the commands in the System Console (get_service_paths master, set nm [ lindex [ get_service_paths master ] 1 ], open_service master $nm ...) and it worked when I wrote and read data. 

I did this test a few minutes ago so I don't know if it's a permanent or a temporary solution. 


I hope it will also solve your problem.