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Cannot download Quartus Prime software after accept of "Legal Disclaimer"


Hello all

After clicking the down arrow (for any download) and click "I Accept" nothing happened - no download window appears (Standard & Pro 20.x Windows - the only I tested yet).

I downloaded successfully last time at the beginning of 2020. The choice for "Akamai Download Manager" and "Direct" is missing also.

I tried several combinations of our current blocking policy for scripts and other browser specific settings. Nothing helped me out.

I looked to our white list for web pages and found only entries for "altera". I guess intel finally changed all domain relationchips of old "altera" to "intel" now and do some other drastic changes in the past too.


Please give me a realistic hint and explanation of the cause why downloads are no longer possible while Firefox is in standard security mode or higher (tried ALL combinations out too - and: it's NOT the router or firewall...).

What are the actual names of web pages and scripts to start a download successfully?

Meanwhile, I'll very thankfull if someone is able to tell me the direct download links of

  - Prime Std/Pro v20.1 (Individual Files & Additional Software)

Thanks a lot


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Hi Jens,

I am aware and notice this kind of of behavior and have requested to use Akamai downloader in future as it been causing lot of issue to download. I can provide you the direct link please let me know specific files for individual and additional software do you intend to download for 20.1 Std and Pro respectively. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused.




Hello SyafieqS_Intel

Thank you for the reply.

I never used the Akamai Download Manager in conjunction with the Altera downloads because of general problems of parallel operation with other - more field proofed - managers.

The "direct download" flow was the only one which runs without any problems since several years.

If the "Combined Files" (.tar archives) contain the "Additional Software" files too (like DSPBuilder and so on), these files are usable to me.  The versions are: 20.3 Pro and 20.1 Pro. I'll be glad if you able to provide me with this two sets of links. It is for integration tests to help out decisions for GO/NOGO future work flows in conjunction with Intel FPGA's.

I have found the link for the 20.1 Std .tar files by myself, installed them ( and I'm very confused because the DSPBuilder Setup is missing there. So I guess that not all "Additional Software" files are included every time.

It's right or what is wrong with the 20.1 Std .tar files set?


Thanks a lot,



Hi Jens,

FYI, for combined files, there is "what's included' where you can see what is in the combined files. By default, yes the DSPB should be included in combined files however starting from 20.1 Std, DSPB had been removed and only available in Pro Edition. You can refer to link below for details.

If you want to use DSPB in Std version, you can download and use 19.1std of Quartus.

Below are the direct link for 20.1 and 20.3 combined files. The additional software included you can refer to 'what included' in download webpage. If you want to download other additional software that is not included, you have to manually download it.

Quartus Prime Pro 







Hello SyafieqS_Intel


Thank you for providing the direct links to me and the very important information.

The conclusion:

  1. There is no solution to download from Intel's FPGA Download Page using state-of-the-art security settings in Firefox
  2. Intel switches off the Quartus Prime Standard Edition step by step (no longer support for MATLAB, version management...waiting one year for 19.1 Std while Pro was online and bevond 19.1...)

I fear that this situation (and many, many other bad things around Intel's FPGA SW/HW/docs and general philosophy) become be real since 2016.

Now, it's time to say good bye for me and my company and switch to an different FPGA vendor after over 20 years staying with Altera.


Good luck, thanks for your support and best regards