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Controlling 7 Segment Display With a Mux

I'm new to digital design but I am trying to design a game. 

I need to control the output to a seven segment display using a mux. The outputs include various "letters" and numbers. How should I go about doing this? 

Thanks in advance!
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why a mux? What are the constraints? Since you're posting this in an Altera forum, I assume you have an FPGA or a CPLD, which typically has plenty of I/O pins. 


Okay, a mux. If you're not having enough I/O, a mux can solve this. The interwebs are full of instructions; maybe not for your special case, but if you look into pages for Arduino etc., where a lack of sufficient I/O count is much more common, you'll find tons of articles, e.g.: 


Just adapt one of those designs to your needs. 


Things to consider: 

  • your FPGA/CPLD board must be designed for the required DC current 

  • do not violate the absolute maximum DC current per I/O pin 

  • keep in mind that the supply current for the corresponding VCCIO pin(s) is the sum of all currents, which can be quite a lot 




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