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Counter design using QSYS & NIOS PROCESSOR?

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I am trying to implement 8-bit counter design using QSYS and NIOS Processor. please verify the design and tell me the modifications. I need to run the Counter design using QSYS & NIOS PROCESSOR.  


I have verilog code for counter design but i dont know how to add its slave interface. So i am following the below procedure. Hope anyone help me in teaching me.  


Thank you in advance 


The steps i have  


1. In QSYS, Integrated the Components in System contents, and Generated HDL and .bsf file 

2. .bsf added in Block file of Quartus  

3. BDF file made as Top level design (added .bsf) 

4. Set pins 

5. Compiled.  

6. Then Launched NIOS 


Counter code Logic 

module Eight_counter ( out , // Output of the counter clk , // clock Input ); input clk; output out; reg out=0; //-- Sensitive to rising edge always @(posedge clk) begin // clock Input is L15 pin. How to set that pin in NIOS processore out <= out + 1; end endmodule  



# include "sys/alt_stdio.h" # include<io.h># include<system.h># include<stdio.h> # define COUT_BASE 0x3020 //#define IORD(COUT_BASE,OFFSET) int main() { int i, count, data=0; for(i=0;i<=7;i++) { count=IORD(COUT_BASE,i); data=count + 2; printf("Result: %d\n", data); } return 0; }  


Block design from Qsys  


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A PIO (parallel I/O) component is not a counter. If you want to integrate your counter code into Platform Designer, you have to turn it into a component using the Component Editor and add it to the system. 


Also, your software code is trying to do a read on the PIO that looks like it's set as an output.