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Creating a new IP component with VHDL design using a customized library

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I am trying to create a new component using Component Editor of Qsys. Actually, the top level design of the new component calls a library "Lib" that I have created and uses a pckage defined in this library. So, in the beginning of the top level design I have: 


library Lib; 

use Lib.package.all; 


My question is how to tell the Component Editor to take into consideration the library Lib? Shall I add all the library files in the step of specifing the component files? 


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Yes, just like if you were to synthesize this in Quartus, you have to add all of your files to the Files tab of the Component Editor.

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I have added all the files if the library "Lib" but I have the same error message. I think that the tool doesn't like user libraries. With Quartus I was able to add all the design files (in VHDL) of "Lib" and to define them as a library then the compilation of the top level design in VHDL was successful. So what I am looking for is how to do the same with QSYS because I can add the files but I don't know how to declare them as library "Lib".