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DE0 Nano SoC, LT24 Display and wireless transmission in Quartus II




I'm dealing with new project, which is usage of DE0 Nano SoC with Cyclone V board from Terasic, LT24 Display and ESP8266.  

The goal of the project is, to read analog signal from 20 industrial sensors to the board, visualise it on the screen and send wirelessly to the web server using ESP8266.  



I'm new in FPGA at all and I'd like to ask a couple of questions: 

- how to connect this amount of analog signals to the DE0 Nano board? The A/D Converter (LTC2308) is 8-channel, so should I make own board with several LTC2308 chips on it, to increase number of channels? Or is there other way to manage that? 

- the DE0 Nano SoC from Terasic has Arduino Uno R3 expansion header so there are pins to serial communication- I'd like to use them to send AT commands to the ESP8266, but I couldn't have found any examples of doing so. Are there any examples of using those pins? 



I'll be very grateful for any advices how You would make this project. Maybe some of You had to deal with similar one and would like to share some part of the code with me :) 



Thanks in advance!
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