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Hello, I could use some help with an alarm clock in system verilog. I'm working in modelsim, but eventually it has to be ported to Quartus Prime.


The clock is being implemented using the seven segment display on the fpga in a 24 hour format. I need to be able to set the hours and minutes and this is what im struggling with. Im also struggling with the alarm function. It wont let me attach the verilog file, so I will just post my code below.


▪ Switch functions

o SW0=1 will act as a reset. Both the time and the alarm time should be reset to zero if

SW0 goes active. SW0 has priority over any other switch

o SW1 is the time_set switch, if it is set to 1 you are setting the time

o SW2 is the alarm_set switch, if it is set to 1 you are setting the alarm

o SW3=1 set hours, SW3=0 set minutes

o SW4=1 run the clock time

o SW5=1 active the alarm

▪ Push button functions

o KEY0 pressed (=0) causes the alarm to reset

o KEY1 pressed (=0) sets what ever is selected, let up it stops, you want the numbers changing at a 2Hz clock rate (twice a second)


definitions of these variables

clk_2Hz --- 2Hz clock

hrs1_min0 --- set hrs set to 1 to set minutes set to 0, SW3

reset --- resets the entire clock, SW0

t_set --- set clock time, SW1

a_set --- alarm time, SW2

run_clock --- run_clock = 1 would cause the clock to run, SW4

a_act- ? --- activates the alarm, SW5

almreset --- the alarm is going off and you want to reset it, KEY0

runset- ---- when this is 1 run, when this is 0 set

sec, min, hrs --- clock time

min_alarm, hrs_alarm --- alarm time

alrm --- the alarm



My code:


// Alarm Clock


//Clock Module


module ClockCounter(input clk_2Hz, run_clock, reset, input [7:0] MaxCount,

         output reg [7:0] Count, output reg Carry);


  always_ff@(posedge clk_2hz or posedge reset) begin

   if (reset) begin

     Count <= 0;

     Carry <= 0;



    if (run_clock)

     if (Count < MaxCount) begin

      Count <= Count + 8'd1;

      Carry <= 0;


   else begin

     Count <= 0;

      Carry <= 1;






// Clock Timer



module timer(input clk_2Hz, reset_t, run_clock_t, t_set output [7:0] hrs, min, sec);


wire clk_sec, Carry_scl, Carry_mcl, Carry_hcl;

wire [7:0] fiftynine, twentythree;

assign clk_sec = clk_2Hz;


// Default constant values which will be max count for hours and minutes

assign fiftynine = 59;

assign twentythree = 23;


//Instantiation of clock counter module 3 times for hours,minutes and seconds clock

ClockCounter SecClk (clk_sec, run_clock_t, reset_t, fiftynine, sec, Carry_scl);

ClockCounter MinClk (Carry_scl, (run_clock_t|t_set), reset_t, fiftynine, min, Carry_mcl);

ClockCounter HrClk (Carry_mcl, (run_clock_t|t_set), reset_t, twentythree, hrs, Carry_hcl);






// Alarm module


module alarm(input a_set, a_act, almreset, output reg [7:0] min_alrm, hrs_alrm, output reg alrm);




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Hi, I didn't understand what exactly you need here. For setting Alarm you need to store the hours and minutes value in a local register and later once it is matched with current time time to buzz alarm. Thanks, Arslan
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