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How long it will take to compile an OpenCL kernel by using -high-effort option?


Dear all,

Based on my experience, usually it takes less than 10 hours to compile an OpenCL kernel file on Arria 10 device. Recently, because my OpenCL kernel is too large (the logic utilization takes more than 90%), I'm afraid the resources may not be enough. So I use "aoc -high-effort -o xx.aocx" command to compile the kernel. I know -high-effort command will increase the compile time significantly, but it takes more than 3 days. I'm not sure when it will finish? Is this normal? Thank you so much!

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If you are using the logic estimation from the OpenCL compiler, that number is very inaccurate, especially when it comes to logic utilization. Either way, regardless of whether you use -high-effort or not, if placement and routing for Arria 10 lasts longer than 24 hours on a capable machine (at least 48 GB memory and a modern quad-core processor), it will probably never finish and you should consider reducing the size of your design.