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Logic Analyzer Interface Invalid Device

Hello chaps, 

I am using a MAX10 M08SCE144 device and I am trying to use the LAI to get some signals out. I have setup the interface with 1 bank of 8 pins. THe pins have all been assigned a location and a standard. I have also assigned signals to said pins using the nodefinder, and I have output/capture mode set to registered with my clock input as the state clock. 


I compile the design and all compiles OK. Using the LAI i then program the device with the POF file I am using (as I also have a NIOS core which needs the code running), and it looks like thta programs correctly, but the LAI keeps syaing invalid device in the instance manager. 


THe blurb for the MAX10 seems to suggest that you can use LAI for this device, so I am a little puzzled. 


What I have noticed is that according to 15-6 in the quartus handbok, I should see sld_multitap and sld_hub entries in my hierarchy and both of these appear to be present. 


ANy ideas where I might be going wrong? 


many thanks 

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Before moving to the .pof, can you try programming the device with the default .sof file generated by the Assembler using the Quartus Programmer to test just the hardware? See if that works.