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MMD ERROR: failed to open the device


I am using version 18.0 and have flashed and shutdown the machine several times, for longer and longer time periods and still get MMD ERROR: [acl0] failed to open the device.


C:\intelFPGA\18.0\hld\board\terasic\de5net\tests\hello_world\bin>aocl program acl0 hello_world.aocx

aocl program: Running program from c:/intelFPGA/18.0/hld/board/terasic/de5net/windows64/libexec


MMD ERROR: [acl0] failed to open the device.

Unable to open the device acl0.

aocl program: Program failed.



the physical factory image switch is set to 0 and so is the pcie jtag image. so therefore that means the pcie jtag image should be on. and also the mini usb is still plugged in.


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