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Matrix Multiplier IP file issue, call Altera

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Using 17.1, tried to invoke Matrix multiplier IP core using Arria-10, and this is what I get: (do I have to buy something?) 


Info: matrix1: "Generating: matrix1_altera_fp_matrix_mult_ii_171_22rzifi" 

Info: fp_matrix_mult_ii_0: C:/intelfpga/17.1/quartus/../hls/bin/i++ --fp-relaxed --simulator none -o matrix_mult {-march=Arria 10} -I. C:/intelfpga/17.1/ip/altera/dsp/altera_fp_matrix_mult_ii/matrix_mult.cpp 

Info: fp_matrix_mult_ii_0: HLS FPGA Parse FAILED. 

In file included from C:/intelfpga/17.1/ip/altera/dsp/altera_fp_matrix_mult_ii/matrix_mult.cpp:1: 

In file included from C:/intelfpga/17.1/hls/include\HLS/hls.h:11: 

C:/intelfpga/17.1/hls/include\HLS/hls_internal.h:9:10: fatal error: 'stdio.h' file not found# include  

1 error generated. 

Error: fp_matrix_mult_ii_0: IP geneneration failed at file discovery, please tell Altera 

Error: couldn't open "C:/Users/User/AppData/Local/Temp/alt7671_6077742390174038189.dir/0003_fp_matrix_mult_ii_0_gen//matrix_mult.prj/components/altera_fp_matrixmult/altera_fp_matrixmult_internal_hw.tcl": no such file or directory 

while executing 

"discover_files $proxy_file_set $tmp_dir" 

(procedure "generate_all" line 15) 

invoked from within 

"generate_all $output_name QUARTUS_SYNTH" 

(procedure "generate_quartus_synth" line 2) 

invoked from within 

"generate_quartus_synth matrix1_altera_fp_matrix_mult_ii_171_22rzifi" 

Info: matrix1: Done "matrix1" with 2 modules, 2 files
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Having a similar issue developing for Cyclone V, using the Random Number Generator IP Core. Please help!