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My customer cannot get an account setup or get into their SSLC to see their licenses


I am the Arrow Altera-dediated FAE that supports my customer (QRC Technologies in Virginia) and I am trying to help them get an account setup. When they try to setup an account they get the automated email response saying the request was received but then they never get any other responses. The information for their account is: (The one that we need to associate all of the QRC licenses with. We will also need a login that is associated with this email address for logging into the Altera Website)

Phone = 540-446-2270 x171 (My old email address)

  • I believe that there are a couple of licenses for QRC that are still associated with this account.


They are expecting to see 2 floating Quartus Pro licenses, 2 Nios, 2 Triple-Speed Ethernet and 1 JESD204B license. I'm not sure which of the NIC IDs shown in the license screenshot is the one that the licenses are tied to.


Thanks for your help.

Steve Zack

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Upon checking, Intel has transitioned the support interface for your account to the forums on Intel Community at

Kindly get your customer visit the Intel Community forum for any technical questions there may have on Intel products going forward.


The customer has tried going to the Intel Forum and has been unable to setup an account. They get an email acknowledging the request but then they never receive any other emails. This has been going on for a couple of months. Please try and contact the customer directly via their email.



Steve Zack