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Need help ERROR ModelSim (vsim-10000) Unresolved defparam reference to something

I use a lpm_constant in Verilog file. When I try to simulate it an error shows up in loading the design: 

Error (suppressible): (vsim-10000) C:/altera_lite/mydesign/lpm_constant_0.v(25): Unresolved defparam reference to 'LPM_CVALUE' in lpm_instance.LPM_CVALUE. 


At first it says design not found. So I clicked Simulate, in the libraries tab add C:/altera/16.0/modelsim_ase/altera/verilog/220model in the Search Libraries. Then the error was gone but this vism-10000 error popped out. 


Does anyone know how to fix this issue? 

Any advice is very much appreciated.
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